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May 24, 2012


Michael Thompson

Scott -- I think testimonials are a very important part of most marketing efforts. They are particularly important when there is a need for high trust. For example when the product or service is high priced, personal or is otherwise seen as a purchase with more than normal risk.

Of course many people discount testimonials as being manipulated for marketing purposes so they need to be as genuine as possible. I particularly like audio testimonials. Case studies are a more in-depth testimonial.

Now all I need to do is get my act together and do more of what I preach!

Erica DeWolf

I agree that testimonials can be a great addition to your marketing mix- and you justified it brilliantly with the pure numbers.

I think to you should think about what YOU want. Hearing what other people think about this product or service will certainly influence my personal decision to purchase or not purchase it- so why wouldn't it help others?

Great post!

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