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April 06, 2012


Liz Walker

Well, I love the idea of simple. But not because I’m 9 years old and lack the mental capacity to understand anything complex. Surely I want simple – not simplistic – because it shows how well thought through your concept is; if you can’t get it down to a single, easy-to understand concept, I’ve learned through painful experience you likely don’t have the depth of experience to actually deliver on the promise I’m buying. There is elegance and respect in the idea of the simple, and treating me like a little kid isn’t part of it.


I'm a graphic designer and I think the dichotomy here is basic Zen - art vs tech. I think that marketing "concepts" can be quite complex - but must be presented in a simple, eye-catching way that disburses the complexities one crumb at a time... The "appearance" of simplicity is what is important. No one will bother to read the first sentence if the whole piece looks cluttered, messy and incoherent. Of course, I'm biased.

Scott Campbell

Thanks, Susan...I like to use the similar dichotomy of form vs. function, but we're talking about the same thing.

There's another school of thought (I'm specifically thinking Dan Kennedy) that stuffing with as much information is best to lure and sell. But I believe Mr. Kennedy would even probably agree with simplicity..

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